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South East Pine Treatment provides a full range of CCA treated pine products from our factory in Dandenong. All products comply with the new treatment and branding requirements for CCA treated timbers.

As we mill the timber to be treated, we are able to ensure and maintain the highest possible quality of our treated products. Our grading is very particular which enables us to reach a F7 standard. We visually grade to F7 twice in most products then have a testing rig to prove that its properties are F7. We can provide cut to specification orders for treated sawn and milled products.

Our aim is to provide the best possible customer service by providing the right product at the right price.

South East Pine Treatment is a member of the Timber Preservers Association of Australia TPAA and adheres to the rigid standards for the production of treated timber products.

For information on usage applications of CCA treated timber, contact our friendly staff, or visit Koppers and TPAA.


SEPine timber pack

SEPine timber pack in storage


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